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I never remember to update this section, and nobody reads it anyway.


Sunday Afternoon in Somerville:

An atmospheric 30-minute studio experiment. A thunderstorm, plus city and domestic sounds, processed through a convolution reverb effect, using cello chords as the impulse response. download (43MB)


Messing around with a steel water bottle, cello, and effects. 26 minutes long. download (36MB)


No, I can't explain the title. This is just a short fragment of a potential song. Hard, progressive rock, played on distorted cello, plus drum samples. download (0.7MB)


Written for a class in college. Originally a setting of a really cheesy poem for soprano and piano; here performed on cello and rearranged a bit. The "rubato" in the piano is more a matter of trying to find the notes than being expressive. download (1.7MB)


Solo cello piece, written and performed for my wedding in 2003. download (1.9MB)

Shock the Monkey:

A remix of the Peter Gabriel song, using a sample pack provided by him for a remix competition. The first two verses are kinda boring, but I'm proud of what I did with the middle section. listen on Real World Remixed

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