Major Life Events

1972Born in Adrian, MI. Name: Alan Fredrick deLespinasse. Length: 22 inches. Weight: 9 lb. Age: 0.
1978Family got its first computer.
1982Started playing the cello.
1989Started a year-long programming job at Software Support Professionals (who must have their own site but I can't find it).
1990Graduated from Adrian High School.
Entered MIT to study computers and stuff.
1991Started a 3.5-year UROP at the MIT Media Lab, in the Machine Listening Group (which was then known as part of the Music and Cognition Group).
1994Spent the summer working at Analog Devices.
1995Graduated from MIT with an SB and an MEng, both in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Thesis: Rover Mosaic: E-mail Communication for a Full-Function Web Browser, written as part of my research with the Programming Systems Research Group at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. This work eventually became a tiny part of the Rover project.
Started a full-time software engineering job at Teradyne, Inc.
1996Left Teradyne to work at ARIS Technologies, Inc., now part of Verance.
1997Adopted Cam (nice black cat).
1998Met Rachel.
1999Finally talked Rachel into going out with me (ok, that's a bit of an oversimplification).
Cam died.
2000Adopted Ralph and Igor.
Started playing drums.
2001Quit my job at Verance to work on my own.
Moved in with Rachel and Serabi.
2002Got engaged.
2003Got married.
2004Bought a condo.
2006Founded Moo Job Inc to release

Started work at Google.
2008Igor died.