This is a Windows screensaver that shows a 3D model of the classic Towers of Hanoi puzzle being solved. You can choose the number of pieces, their shape, how fast they move, and the colors. The entire model also rotates at a configurable speed.

Just download the file into a convenient directory. It is somewhat traditional to put it in the Windows directory, which is something like:

Windows 95: C:\Windows
Windows 98: C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows
Windows XP: C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32
Windows 2000: C:\WINNT\System32

Once the file is downloaded, open the directory it's in, right-click the file, and choose Install.

I was inspired to write this by Rachel's new paper on writing screensavers for Windows using OpenGL. It's largely due to this paper that I was able to write the whole thing in one weekend.

Download (80k)


Version 0.3: Added Show Statistics option. Made Wireframe no longer on by default.
Version 0.2: Added Wireframe option. Added 0 RPM option for base rotation speed. Added version number to about box.
Version 0.1: Original version.


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