(Mac / PC game by aldel, but unrelated to Descent)

aldel's Descent 3 tools

Descent 3 Screensaver

Displays and animates random objects (robots, powerups, doors, random junk) from Descent 3. Not especially intelligent.

You MUST have Descent 3 installed for this to work.

After unzipping, put the d3ss.scr file in C:\Windows, C:\Windows\System, C:\Windows\System32, or C:\WinNT\System32, wherever all the other .SCR files are. Then right-click the file in Windows Explorer and select Install.

Download (65k)

alOOF version 0.8

From the readme file:

alOOF is a free editor for Outrage Object Format (OOF) files for Descent 3. It's not really complete yet, but it allows to you do pretty much everything you are likely to want to do with an .OOF file, at least in theory.

You can download the program here (111k).

You can view the entire readme file here.

A summary of changes in the new version is here.

Here is a list of known bugs (updated 6/30/2006).

gamtool version 0.611

From the readme file:

Gamtool is a free Windows program for editing Descent 3 table files (.gam files). These files contain parameters of certain resources (textures, sounds, objects, doors, player ships, and weapons) that are used in Descent 3 missions. You will need to create and edit table files in order to put custom resources in your missions.

Here is a summary of the changes in the latest version:

Version 0.611, 6/4/2000: Just changed the URL for gamtool's homepage; nothing else changed.

You can view the entire readme file here.

You can download the program here (164k).

You can get the source code here (94k). See Readme_source.txt (included in zip file) for terms of use.

GIMP OGF/OAF plugin version 0.11

This plugin lets the GIMP directly read and write .OGF and .OAF files, so you don't have to muck around with converter programs. First install GIMP for Windows. Then download this file (36k) and put it in the GIMP's plug-in directory (usually C:/Program Files/GIMP/plug-ins or something like that). (Yes, it's an .EXE file, but don't attempt to run it; the GIMP runs it when needed.) The GIMP can now load and save .OGF and .OAF files.

Things to note:

OGF and OAF are lossy image formats, in that they only use 5 (or sometimes 4) bits per color per pixel. Even though you can now easily load and save OGF or OAF images, it's better to keep your image in some other format (like the GIMP's own XCF format) while you're working on it, and only save as OGF or OAF when it's done.

This plugin supports the 4-bit-per-color-channel option, which is not supported by OGFTool. This option lets you have 16 levels of alpha transparency instead of just 1 bit (which limits each pixel to being either totally transparent or totally opaque). The tradeoff is that the red, green and blue components of each pixel are limited to 16 levels, instead of the usual 32. It may not be very useful in the game, but that's what the "Four bits per channel" option in the save dialog is about.

OAF treats each layer as a frame. You can watch your animation by right-clicking on the image and selecting Filters->Animation->Animation Playback.

There are probably some bugs. In particular, I haven't tested certain things like having different layers (frames) of different sizes. Save often in a different format (which you should be doing anyway, as I mentioned above).

I've only tested this using GIMP 1.2.0 under Windows XP. It should run fine under other versions of Windows. I'm not sure about other versions of the GIMP but I think it should be ok, at least for newer versions. If you're interested in compiling the plugin for Linux or anything else, write to me.

Last modified June 30, 2006 (Dork ad; alOOF bug list)